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Quality Customer Service

Daily manufacturing capacity of 500,000+ discs in the UK

Swift/flexible leadtimes with cost effective solutions to suit all your manufacturing needs


Glass mastering is the first process used when producing a run of 500 units or more.

We take your master disc, DLT tape or digital image containing the material to be replicated onto the CD, DVD or BD and manufacture a specially coated circular block of glass.

From the glass master we create a stamper. There are 3 main processes involved in manufacturing a stamper, all of which are carried out in our clean room

environment to ensure that we provide you with CDs, DVDs or BDs with the very best sound/picture quality.

This process that uses the manufacture of a Glass Master or Stamper is known as Replication.

VDC Group is the largest Independent optical disc replicator in the UK.


Video technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, and is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. Digital Video Disc's (DVD's) are the last big jump in consumer video technology that everyone is familiar with. To keep up with the ever advancing world of electronics a new format of video storage was needed to facilitate HD and 3D. This latest technology is called Blu-ray.

Conventional DVD's use a red laser that have a long wave length, which limits the storage capacity on a disc. Blu Ray uses a blue laser which has a much shorter wave length. Because of the much shorter wave length used for Blu Ray, it can focus on a given spot with greater precision, allowing for data to be packed much more tightly than the red laser used for DVD's.


With DVDs specifically developed to hold much larger amounts of data, they are the main choice for mediums that require very high data volumes and of very high quality, such as video formats.

As the quality of DVDs needs to be very high, we use our DVD Replication processes for all of our DVD orders. Being the largest Independent DVD Replication company in the UK, we are able to do this for all order sizes, and our state of the art DVD Replication technology and equipment ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency for all orders.

The process of DVD Replication is similar to that of CD Replication. The original data is placed onto a glass master disc, which is then used to create a metal ‘stamper’. This process ensures that the data print on the stamper is of very high quality. Then, polycarbonate plastic is melted, injection moulded and injected to form around the stamper, leaving the data print on the DVD, before the disc is hardened and finished with a protection process to protect the surface of the disc from damage.


CD Replication produces a much higher quality and consistent finish compared to the CD duplication process, and has therefore become the preferred method for most companies, particularly in the media industry.

The CD replication process involves producing a ‘master copy’ from which all the CDs are replicated, rather than producing each CD individually. This ensures much greater quality of finish on each CD but also provides high consistency across all the CDs produced as they are all formed from the same copy.

It is traditionally used for producing larger numbers of CDs, as producing the master copy can be expensive and was often seen as not being cost effective for smaller volumes of CDs.

As high temperatures are involved during CD Replication, the master disc is made of glass to ensure it is undamaged during the process. These ‘Glass Master Discs’ are then checked extensively by our engineers to ensure that the glass has no imperfections and that the quality of the stamper is approved to the highest standards.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience in CD replication built up over the past three decades, we can offer all our customers the highest quality assured replication services.


For your artwork, you will be assigned your very own, dedicated account manager to work with you throughout the process to make sure your end products are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

All our customers can also provide their own artwork for print.

Clients can also provide their own paper parts and packaging if they prefer, and we will put it all together with their high quality CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs within our fulfilment centre.

For more information on printing and artwork specifications please click here to view our downloadable documents.


We have the very best and largest packaging facilities and services that you will find in the industry.

All our orders are packaged at our 60,000sq ft Distribution Centre in Wembley, enabling us to coordinate all aspects of the packaging process in one place and under our own control.

This enables us to maintain very high quality control throughout the process and fulfil orders at the very quickest speed. Our state of the art machines auto-pack DVDs, CDs and Blu Ray discs into a range of standard cases.

Because of our size, we can provide unlimited packaging solutions to all of our customers, adapting to the needs and requirements that best suit them. It also enables us to provide hand packaging solutions to fulfil the specialised, bespoke packaging requirements that often fall outside the capabilities of automation.


We have one of the largest packaging centres in the country, where the packaging for all our clients takes place. While this enables us to fulfil any packaging requirement, and our machines are able to quickly pack large volume orders, we have a team of specially trained professionals that take care of our bespoke, high end packaging requirements.

While high quality and quick turnaround are important for many orders, and our machines are among the best at providing this, there is a high demand for the highest quality packaging to present CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs that only hand packaging can provide.This is something VDC have many years experience in and can offer a full service from concept design, through to the finished article. Call and get in touch to find out more.


VDC Group have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, allowing us to take our orders to most destinations. This enables us to make sure that our orders are looked after right the way through the process to your door ourselves, maintaining the highest quality product and service to our clients.

Over the past 30 years we have also built links and working relationships with the most reliable national couriers, as part of our reliable working practices.


DVDs are able to hold much larger amounts of information on a single disc, and are more suitable for large data groups such as movies and videos. They also offer higher levels of quality than CDs, important for these types of visual data. However, the data must be in a different format to that used to make CDs, and therefore requires a different process.

With DVDs now the dominant medium for many media types, and having been making DVDs throughout their development, we have been able to fine tune and perfect the manufacturing process to make our systems highly efficient. This means we can produce our DVDs at the best prices, but also that we know quality is of the highest importance when producing DVDs.


CD Duplication is the process of writing or transferring information onto a CD, or ‘duplicating’ this information onto the CD.

This information can be about anything or taken from anything, such as old style types, computers or other discs. The information is put into a digital format, if it isn’t already, then written directly onto the surface of the disc using a laser, commonly called ‘burning’. You may be familiar with this on your own computer CD writer drive.

Because the information is written to each disc individually, the CD Duplication process is only really suitable for smaller quantities of discs, usually up to 200. Anything above this it is best to use the process of CD replication as opposed to CD duplication, as the process is quicker, while it also produces a much better quality of finish and a more consistent one.

However, because we have been in the business for nearly 30 years and are the largest independent replicator in the country, we use CD replication as opposed to CD duplication techniques to produce all disc orders.