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Glass Mastering

Glass mastering is the first process where we convert the clients pre-mastered disc or tape to glass master from which stampers are created.

The Process
The files from the client's master are uploaded to our mastering server network.
Files are exposed (recorded) on a glass master substrate using a laser beam
The recorded or exposed glass master is developed and metallised forming physical structures representing original data. These structures are called 'Pits'
The metallised glass master is electroformed into a Nickel disc called a 'Father Stamper'
Glass Mastering
If multiple stampers are required, a further process called 'Family Making' is necessary where a Mother shell is produced from the Father Stamper. Son Stampers may then be produced from Mother Stamper
Stampers are polished and punched to the required finish and size
Physical and electronic tests are conducted to ascertain quality
A quality controlled stamper is handed over to our pressing plant to mass produce optical discs