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2018 UK Festivals – The Gender Split

With the subject of gender diversity within the music industry quite rightly being talked about more and more in 2018, attention has been brought to the fact that the lineups for many major festivals are, for the most part, dominated by male acts.  Festivals are a hot topic this…

5 Reasons Why DVDs & Blu-Ray Are Still Essential In The Age Of Streaming

Back in the day, a DVD or Blu-Ray used to be a go-to gift for any film lovers in your life, and people would build up collections of all of their favourite films to own and come back to for years to come.

Since the rise of streaming services such…

Which CD/DVD Case Is Right For Your Requirements?

Even the best production, when paired with ill-matched packaging, can be ruined by appearances. Striking the right tone when it comes to imagery is key to a successful film, track or production, however, the market is awash with choices, and find the right choice can be overwhelming. We’ll break…

A Quick Guide to Storing Your Vinyl Records

There’s nothing quite like a vinyl record when it comes to your experience when listening to music. However, they can be rather fragile and need to be cared for properly if you want them to last well. There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling…

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Your Favourite Band?

Have you ever wondered whether you might be able to make your budget for your next event stretch far enough to hire your favourite band? 

Well, wonder no more, because we’ve scoured the website of Celebrity Talent International, a top celebrity booking agency, to see how much they estimate some…

A Quick Guide to Releasing a Demo CD as an Unsigned Band

When it comes to releasing your work as an unsigned band, it can feel like a bit of a tall order in an industry saturated with music artists and debut albums.

And, without a record label, this struggle is even greater, as you’ll have to do all of the legwork…

A Detailed Look at the Growth in Popularity of Vinyl in Recent Years

Despite the growth of MP3 and streaming sites, vinyl records have had a surprising spike in popularity in recent years, with sales of LPs at a 25-year high.

More than 3.2 million records were sold in 2016 alone, which is a whopping 53% increase on the year before, with spending…

Jewel Cases vs. Card Wallets – Which Should You Choose For Your Release?

Getting your CD in front of people is the first step to getting noticed, but sometimes you can fall at the very first hurdle if your artwork and packaging aren’t up to scratch.

First impressions count for a lot, so it’s important not just to make sure that you’ve got…

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