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A Quick Guide to Releasing a Demo CD as an Unsigned Band

When it comes to releasing your work as an unsigned band, it can feel like a bit of a tall order in an industry saturated with music artists and debut albums.

And, without a record label, this struggle is even greater, as you’ll have to do all of the legwork…

A Detailed Look at the Growth in Popularity of Vinyl in Recent Years

Despite the growth of MP3 and streaming sites, vinyl records have had a surprising spike in popularity in recent years, with sales of LPs at a 25-year high.

More than 3.2 million records were sold in 2016 alone, which is a whopping 53% increase on the year before, with spending…

Jewel Cases vs. Card Wallets – Which Should You Choose For Your Release?

Getting your CD in front of people is the first step to getting noticed, but sometimes you can fall at the very first hurdle if your artwork and packaging aren’t up to scratch.

First impressions count for a lot, so it’s important not just to make sure that you’ve got…

Why CDs Still Matter To The Music Industry In 2018

In the age of digital streaming, it’s not surprising that many people view CDs as a relic of days gone by, taking their place alongside the other musical dinosaurs of vinyl, tape cassettes and Walkmans.

With Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal taking over the music scene and replacing the act…

CD Duplication vs CD Replication – Which Is Right For Your Release?

When it comes to releasing your material, it can be a difficult decision, with lots of things to consider.

And, one of the most important things to think about is how you’re going to produce your CDs. Do you want to go down the replication route? Or the duplication one?…

Five Reasons Your Unsigned Band Still Needs To Invest In Physical CDs

In the age of Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the days of having a merch guy flogging CDs at a gig are long gone. Nowadays, many bands are choosing not to produce physical CDs at all, which in some ways is understandable, due…

Highest Grossing Video Game Franchises of all Time

As one of the largest forms of entertainment around the world, the video game industry has an annual revenue of $100 billion and growing. Playing video games is as popular as being on social media or binge-watching shows on Netflix, and many companies continuously feature in the best selling…

Top USB Drive Hacks

USB Flash drives are by far the most popular form of data storage and have been growing in the past few years from a great device to a portable piece of tech we simply can’t live without.

The saying, “good things come in little packages” is certainly true when it…

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