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5 Most Common Myths About Blu-Ray

Blu-ray has been around for many years now and they still remain popular. However, many misconceptions about this disc format have arisen over time, probably due to the fact that there are several different formats out there and it can be challenging to keep up with all of them – and know all of their features. (more…)

What is the Best Content for Promotional DVD’s?

When promoting, you have to make sure the platform and content you use is very effective and is relevant to the customer you are targeting. Using promotional DVDs, as a means to promote your product or service, can be a highly effective method of promotion. It’s hard to image a household without some form of DVD player, from a…

The Advancing World of Digital Media

Few other sectors have developed at such a rapid rate as the digital media industry over recent years. Just take the world of electronic music as a snap shot: around 15 years ago, a large share of DJs still played their music on vinyl, with CD decks seen as unreliable and uncool. Fast forward to the present, and DJing…

What Makes a Limited Edition Successful?

Limited and special edition products have been used as marketing incentives for quite a while. In the DVD industry, a limited edition can also be called deluxe, expanded, or special. These editions typically have the best possible DVD edition and special items.

But what makes these editions so special?



Why You Love Free – And How to Take Advantage of It

Everyone loves a bargain, right? And there’s no better bargain than when it costs absolutely nothing. But sometimes, it can feel like when anyone sees the word ‘free’ stamped across a product, they lose control. (more…)

Blu-Ray vs DVD

So you’re ready to replicate your film – and if you’re not sure of the difference, check out our post on the subject here. Now comes a pretty big decision: Blu-Ray vs DVD.

You may think that the obvious answer is to opt for DVD replication – after all, everyone owns a DVD player, right? And…

Have a Smashing Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!


Is it just us, or has Christmas come along a little too fast again? One minute we were celebrating the official partnership between the VDC Group and Sony DADC in July, and the next we’re rushing around shops, wrapping up Christmas presents and singing along to Christmas carols! (more…)

Ultra HD Blu-Ray- Should We Be Getting Excited?

Technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace; VHS players and mini discs don’t seem too far in the past for many of us.

For some, Blu-Ray movies are still a very new thing, especially as the majority of movies are still being released on both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. These higher quality movies are becoming more popular but DVD…