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To Duplicate or to Replicate, That is the Question

You have a DVD you need more copies of to distribute to a larger audience, but when you go to find out how to achieve this you find that words such as ‘replication’ and ‘duplication’ are being thrown around and you don’t know where to start.

To help, we here at VDC Group have compiled a helpful beginner’s guide to…

Copyright – What You Need to Know

Here at the VDC Group, we do a whole lot of CD and DVD duplication and replication. And while most of those are precisely what you’d expect – for instance, promotional and corporate videos, a band’s new EP – it’s probably worth explaining what you can’t replicate, duplicate, or any other ‘licate’ you care to…

CD Replication vs CD Duplication: What’s the Difference?

If you need to have CDs prepared or manufactured, be it because you’re an artist looking to send your music to labels or a business owner who needs to share information with a large audience, you might have come across CD replication and CD duplication services.

The two might seem similar at first glance, since they…