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The Tropes in Video Game Covers

Designing video game covers can be tricky; both artists and designers need to make sure that the cover reflects the content of the game in a way that attracts customers’ attention but doesn’t give too much away. Balancing action and entertainment in the design can result in some striking game covers that immediately catch someone’s eye and makes them…

3 of The Best Album Covers of All Time

If you are creating your own album, here at VDC Group we know you may have started to think about the artwork that will help it to fly off the shelves. If you’re a little stuck for ideas, why not look to some of the most iconic and creative album covers created in the past for some…

The Great Debate: CD Versus Vinyl
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Musically minded people have been having a heated debate for some time now. What over? CD versus vinyl; otherwise known as classic versus modern. With the rise of vinyl sales in the past few years, declaring vinyl back in style, this has been even more hotly contested than ever before. Many people have tried to put an…

New Years Resolutions for CD Marketing

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally upon us and you’re probably thinking about New Year’s resolutions you can be making. Well forget those standard resolutions to go to the gym more and eat less chocolate, we’ve got some resolutions that you can really stick to and boost your CD marketing!

Utilise Social Media

We’ve talked about how to use

The Importance of Colour in Your CD Design

If you want to grab eyes as well as ears with your CD, you need colour. Bold and beautiful or cool and calming, colour can reflect so much more than just your music. You have just a handful of seconds to make a visual impact, and most buyers will first see your artwork on their phone screen, so getting…

Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Music CD

So, you have created your sound, published it to a CD and now have the physical manifestation of all of your hard work in your hands. But, what next?


The Best Designs for Your CD Case

At VDC Group Trading Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading disc and digital service provider – and we like to see a product that is well conceived from content to packaging. You could have written a classic album or made a superb film, but without the right packaging, very few people will be curious…

CD Design: Make an Impact with These Top Tips

CDs may look pretty, glinting in the sun and catching the eye – but when it comes to making a real impact, you’ll need more than sunlit reflections. To seriously stand out from the crowd with your promotional video, band EP or anything else, you’ll need to nail down the package. If you want to really get remembered, you…