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6 Of The Best and Worst DVD Covers Ever

The design for DVD covers is an important aspect. The image they portray has to represent the whole film through visuals, and attracting an individual through this effect can entice them to purchase and view the film.  Representing a film through imagery can be a tricky task, but if…

The Best Designs for Your CD Case

At VDC Group Trading Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading disc and digital service provider – and we like to see a product that is well conceived from content to packaging. You could have written a classic album or made a superb film, but without the…

What is the Best Content for Promotional DVD’s?

When promoting, you have to make sure the platform and content you use is very effective and is relevant to the customer you are targeting. Using promotional DVDs, as a means to promote your product or service, can be a highly effective method of promotion. It’s hard to image…

What Makes a Limited Edition Successful?

Limited and special edition products have been used as marketing incentives for quite a while. In the DVD industry, a limited edition can also be called deluxe, expanded, or special. These editions typically have the best possible DVD edition and special items.

But what makes these editions so special?



Use a DVD as Your Business Card

Business cards have always been regarded as one of the most effective items to get yourself noticed. Many businessmen and women carry hundreds of these small cards at all times, ready to hand them out at any opportunity.

However, let’s take a moment to think… is this little piece of…

The Power of Limited

Sometimes marketing needs to take a new step in order to become attractive to customers again; the “same old, same old” can become very boring. A limited release DVD or CD is one way in which to remove the cobwebs of the usual marketing strategies. The campaigns for limited…

To Duplicate or to Replicate, That is the Question

You have a DVD you need more copies of to distribute to a larger audience, but when you go to find out how to achieve this you find that words such as ‘replication’ and ‘duplication’ are being thrown around and you don’t know where to start.

To help, we here…

Why You Love Free – And How to Take Advantage of It

Everyone loves a bargain, right? And there’s no better bargain than when it costs absolutely nothing. But sometimes, it can feel like when anyone sees the word ‘free’ stamped across a product, they lose control. (more…)

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