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The Importance of Text and Font in the Design of Your Album Cover

Behind every great album is great artwork, but how important is the design of your album cover? The design of an albums cover is a crucial aspect of the album itself, and although it may seem that an album is all about music, the artwork is what gives it its face. This means it’s the thing that gives potential…

What Are The Top 8 Best Selling Albums Of All Time?

Music records seem to be broken every year, with a hit song or album hitting the number one spot for several consecutive weeks. With music lovers everywhere, the timeless sound of some albums will be in the record books for a long time to come.

Did you know there are only 8 albums released that have sold over 40 million…

3 of The Best Album Covers of All Time

If you are creating your own album, here at VDC Group we know you may have started to think about the artwork that will help it to fly off the shelves. If you’re a little stuck for ideas, why not look to some of the most iconic and creative album covers created in the past for some…

The Great Vinyl Comeback [Infographic]

Vinyl records are making a huge comeback so we’re getting in on the action by offering vinyl record pressings, allowing you to be part of the retro trend! Take a look at our infographic to find out a little more about vinyl records and their popularity.


TV and Film Cameos – Musicians (Part 2)

Part one was a mixed bag of cameos, but this time we’re showcasing the cameos of one particularly talented musician – David Bowie. We thought it only fitting to create an ode to his song-writing, and apparent acting genius by giving you a rundown of his most famous film and TV cameo appearances. Either playing his fabulous self or…

Have a Smashing Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!


Is it just us, or has Christmas come along a little too fast again? One minute we were celebrating the official partnership between the VDC Group and Sony DADC in July, and the next we’re rushing around shops, wrapping up Christmas presents and singing along to Christmas carols! (more…)

TV and Film Cameos: Musicians (Part 1)

At VDC Group, we pride ourselves on offering you only the finest quality service, whether we’re providing you with our CD duplication services in the UK or our interesting industry insider blog. As regular visitors to our blog will no doubt be aware, we work hard and we play hard here at VDC, and as such we…

Are Christmas Songs Overrated?

We’re now in December and, with the sun vanishing at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we’ve started to hear the tinkling bells and harmonious chimes of Christmas carols. You might have switched on your radio recently and heard one of those seasonal Christmas songs already playing. As serious singers, song writers or musicians looking for CD or